Money is tight right now for a professional spa day but there are still ways to relax and unwind at home. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring the relaxing environment of a spa to your home? While you won’t see the same results you would after a professional treatment, these products will help you relax while at home. Here is everything you need:

  1. Relaxing space to lie down
  2. Warm blankets
  3. Your favorite tea or snacks
  4. A facial steamer, here’s my list of recommendations
  5. Distilled water for the facial steamer
  6. Warm towels from the microwave
  7. Your favorite cleanser and serums

Apply in this order: cleanser under steamer/hot towel, mask, serums

  1. A relaxing playlist on Spotify or Pandora
  2. Noise-cancelling headphones

This brand has one of the more affordable options

  1. A headband to keep masks out of your hair
  2. A silicone spatula to apply the mask with

This is affordable from Amazon and comes in a cute set that includes a headband, silicone applicators,  and facial sponges

  1. Meditation/sound healing videos from YouTube to play in the background

Here are some of my favorite channels Sound healing Guided meditation

  1. High frequency wand to treat acne blemishes

I have this and I love it!

  1. Dollar store sponges to remove cleanser/masks
  2. Soft socks and lotion, if you can apply warm them  straight from the dryer, even better

I hope that these recommendations are helpful. Let me know in the comments which tip interested you the most, and I’ll film a video explaining step-by-step. For more content, subscribe to my email list and follow me on social media @beautytraducida.

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