How are you feeling today? The world seems to have come to a standstill because of the current virus pandemic but there are things we can do to take care of ourselves to stay healthy and positive. Now more than ever it’s important to make sure we’re taken care of and keep the positive thoughts flowing. Since we’re all housebound for the time being, it’s a great time to help small online businesses that sell skincare and other wellness products. For more tips like this remember to please follow me on Instagram @beautytraducida. 

Here are 5 things you can do to help distract yourself and feel more at ease. 

  1. Support Etsy Beauty Brands

The platform is ever more popular with small businesses to sell their products and I recently discovered that they also offer artisanal skincare as well. I recommend the following products from Best Nature’s Cosmetic, My Daily Mantra, and The Crunchy Mama Bear.

  1. Best Nature’s Cosmetic

This is a great Canadian brand that specializes in essential oils, handcrafted lotions, and body treatments. Here’s what I like:

-Happy Feet Balm

Prickly pear seed oil 

-Seaweed powder

  1. The Crunchy Mama Bear

This brand sells great andcrafted beauty products made in New Jerusalem, Idaho. 

-Rosemary, peppermint and vanilla aromatherapy spray

-French lavender deodorant

-Tired as a Mother organic coffee eye cream

  1. My Daily Mantra

This brand is cool because they specialize in personalized gift boxes that include a themed candle, artisanal soap, matches, bath bomb, among other things. Since we have to spend more time away from our friends and family as we practice social distancing, it’s a nice way to show others they are in our thoughts and help them relax. 

Favorite Nurse Gift Box

Sending Good Vibes Gift Box

Organic body butter gift set

2. Try Lush Skin and Hair Products

I have been a longtime supporter of the Canadian global Lush brand because of how their workers are treated and because their product ingredients are ethically sourced and made by hand. The brand closed down stores in Canada and the US until further notice to protect their workers but their online store is still running so that you can get your products. I recommend the following products to hydrate your skin after so much handwashing and bubble baths to unwind after a busy day.

  1.  Dream Cream
  2. Sleepy Lavender body lotion
  3. Twilight gift set includes:

-body spray

-bath bomb

-shower gel

  1. Golden Egg bath bomb

3. Exercise and Move Around

I love Netflix marathons as much as you do and can share some of my favorite shows in a future post, but I love how I feel after exercising after being sedentary for so many hours. Since I’m avoiding the gym and other high traffic areas while taking part in social distancing, I’ve been using free workout videos to get my heart pumping and to stay healthy. Here are my top favorite channels:

  1. Helio Faria Dance videos

Helio comes from Brazil where they created dance rhythms like samba and forró. He posts mostly videos of samba, salsa, funk carioca routines that are easy to follow and most importantly, fun! 

I like these routines the most:

DiscoFunk mix


Single Ladies samba version

Hello Salsa version

  1. Blogilates pilates classes

If yoga and pilates are more your speed, I recommend Blogilates videos. The instructor Cassie has a very upbeat personality and while her videos are challenging, they give results if you stick with the videos and create a daily workout schedule to follow. 

4. Meditate Using a Free app

I love how meditation helps me relax and unwind when the news cycle gets to be too much. I found this list of 5 great meditation apps that I think you should try 

5. Bake Delicious Sweets

Since we will be spending more time at home, we may as well do our best to help it smell amazing by baking delicious but healthy treats. Here are a few recipes I have tried that turned out absolutely delicious. 

Baked apples

White Bean chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate hazelnut drop cookies

I hope that these tips were helpful during this time we have to spend isolated from our normal routine. Please take care, follow me at @beautytraducida for more tips,  and leave a comment below with what your favorite product or suggested activity was.

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