About me

Hi, I’m Clare. I’m a Colombian-American esthetician, digital marketer, polyglot(currently learning my 6th language, podcast creator, and entrepreneur based in New York. I created the brand BeautyTraducida back in 2016 as a platform to help women of color beauty businesses attract their ideal client and showcase their brand values and since then it has transformed into a multilingual space where I teach my readers about skincare in a multilingual and global context. I offer  affordable one-on-one virtual skin consults that you can learn more about here and when you’re ready to book, you can do so through this link. Find me @beautytraducida on all social media platforms and contact me at info@beautytraducida.com for further questions as well as to explore brand collaborations as well as social media partnerships. 


To demystify and increase access to the science of skincare from a global and multilingual perspective