In today’s market, there is an increasing demand for diversity in all industries, and the skincare industry is no exception. Skincare is for everyone, and it’s important to highlight women of color that are paving the way for others that follow in their footsteps. Check out the post highlighting Latina owned businesses that inspired this one here

Esthetician: Ally Dawson

IG handle:@servingfacefirst

Why you should follow her: Ally is very sweet and has your best interests in mind, especially for those of you with skin of color. Her posts are centered around racial injustice, especially in the aesthetics world and how we can use our power to combat it and increase equality for all. This includes everything from improving education for how to care for darker skin to product recommendations that are inclusive in their marketing and product formulation efforts for all skin types and colors. 

Where she is based: Maryland

Esthetician: Jasmine Smith

IG handle:@sugarsmithskinstudio

Why you should follow her: Jasmin is a black sugaring hair removal expert that is based in Louisiana. Her website is professional and easy to use and in addition to sugaring services, she can provide you with advanced treatments like Hydrafacial, brow shape and tint, and custom facials to care for your specific needs. 

Where she is based: Baton Rouge, LA

Esthetician: Danna Omari

IG handle:@noyskincare

Why you should follow her: I first found her account on TikTok and decided to follow Danna on Instagram as well because of her expertise with a natural holistic approach. She shares product recommendations as well as teaches holistic treatments like facial reflexology, buccal massage, lymphatic drainage, as well as acne treatments. Her page offers a very serene vibe, and although she already has a large following, it is only going to grow more with time because of her no-nonsense, no drama skincare influencer approach. 

Where she is based: New York City

Esthetician: Ivonne Aponte

Where she is based: Nequen, Argentina

IG handle:@ivonneaponte_beautystudio

Why you should follow her: Ivonne is a Venezuelan immigrant that recently relocated to Argentina. All of her content is in Spanish due to the fact that she’s based in South America and appeals to Latina consumers. Her content is educative as well as entertaining. She offers great recommendations while speaking to the dangers of DIY treatments, something that I would like to see more influencers, licensed or not, communicating to their audience. 

Where she is based:  Nequen, Argentina

Dermatologist: Dr. Adeline Kikam

IG handle:@brownskinderm

Why you should follow her:  WOC Dermatologists are underrepresented, especially on social media and Dr. Adeline is a black board-certified dermatologist that is looking to change that. She shares informative and captivating content in an easy-to-understand manner that covers everything from detecting early signs of melanoma in darker complexions to brown skin-friendly products and treatments. She supports advocacy and diversity within the skincare community, and I’d love to see her page continually grow. 

Where she is based: McAllen, Texas

Esthetician: Sandra

IG handle:@kalospacenter

Why you should follow her: Sandra is a Colombian immigrant that has over 20 years of experience in the aesthetics field. Similar to my story, she feels more fulfilled in the aesthetics industry than the corporate and decided to pursue her passion. She specializes in eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, as well as customizable facial treatments for you. Her bilingual content in both Spanish and English is educational and engaging, I love seeing her before and after transformations

Where she is based: Miami, Florida

Esthetician: Yalily

IG handle:@yalily_cosmeticaestetica

Why you should follow her: Since Yalily is based in Chile, it’s a great account for those that are looking to learn Spanish or learn more about Chilean beauty standards. She specializes in microblading, laser hair removal, Thai massage as well as other unique treatments. 

Where she is based: Concon Chile

Esthetician: Valorie Mcnair

IG handle:@vlavon.studiospa

Why you should follow her: Valorie specializes in brows and waxing, as well as advanced treatments like Hydrafacial and she is based in Marlboro, Maryland. As a black esthetician, she knows how to treat skin conditions of all shades and uses PCA skincare as well as her own line of sugar scrubs. 

Where she is based: Marlboro, Maryland

Esthetician: Erica

IG handle:@thebeyoutytherapist

Why you should follow her: Erica offers medical aesthetics combined with holistic therapies to treat all of your needs. She is based in Smyrna Georgia and sells her own line of products that you can purchase on the

Where she is based: Smyrna. Georgia

I hope that these recommendations were helpful. Women of color in aesthetics deserve to be uplifted and recognized not only during our respective diversity months but also the 11 other months of the year. Remember to subscribe to my email list for exclusive content, tune in to my weekly podcast @inyourpiel podcast where I interview women of color in beauty, and follow me on social media @beautytraducida. Share with a friend.

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