Do you know what’s separating you from achieving your goals or dream job? It’s as simple as starting, executing, and adjusting what you want to spend your days doing. I’ve been a licensed esthetician since 2017 but only recently created a way for you to book one-on-one time with me. In my skincare consults, I look to help you gain a better understanding of what’s going on with your skin, suggest where you could make adjustments, find awesome spas near you that carry brands that I think will help, and provide skincare brand and specific product recommendations that are in your long-term budget. Furthermore, I’m going to go over everything from my why and how much, how to book, and what you get in your consult, keep reading if that piqued your interest. 

Why I created this service

Part of the reason why I started this consulting business is the fact that I wanted to create something that was affordable, with brand agnostic recommendations, and that helps small businesses near you. Other estheticians offer amazing virtual consults with the increased convenience that they can ship you their product recommendations. Since at the current moment, I’m not affiliated with any brand or spa, you can trust that my recommendations come from my extensive knowledge of brand formulation and that my recommendations keep your budget in mind. What’s the point in recommending you the best skincare line if the price is out of your budget long-term? Why are other estheticians so afraid of giving product recommendations that include drugstore skincare? Everyone starts somewhere and to build trust and a longstanding relationship with clients, it’s crucial that you listen and adjust to provide the best service for them, not something that benefits only your savings account in the long term.

 I also offer my consult service in Spanish and Portuguese because there’s a HUGE disconnect in the amount of information that’s available to English speakers vs the rest of the world. With the magic of Wi-Fi and the growing acceptance of video conferencing being part of the norm, the world is slowly becoming more accessible. Why conform when there are brands that look to make access to information more inclusive? 

How much I charge

I charge $30 US for a 30-minute consult and $60 for a full hour and accept both PayPal and Venmo. After you complete the survey, I’ll contact you with my payment information which later confirms your slot. 

How to book

You can book your spot with me at this link. I also included information about the service and some frequently asked questions but feel free to shoot me a DM or email me at if your question isn’t listed.

What you get in your consult

After completing your survey in the booking link and confirming your payment, I get to work to provide you with a customized routine for you. We go over my suggestions in a video chat on a day that works for you and no question is off-limits. Here’s where it gets interesting: online shopping for skincare doesn’t always work out so my method allows you to support a small business near you that carries the line while also getting a much-deserved facial treatment. COVID-19 absolutely humbled the aesthetics industry and this is my way of helping out at a national if not global way. 

If you have never had a facial before or if you are simply looking for something new, I suggest a spa near you(I try to find one that’s women or immigrant-owned too) where you can go for a facial and try out the products I recommend. If you’re not yet comfortable going for a facial in person, it’s totally understandable, and I will work with you to find a trial kit with a brand(or spa because hello, they can ship it to you) that has great customer service in case it doesn’t work out with my recommendations. 

I hope that this has sparked your interest to book a consult with me, I can’t wait to get started. As always, remember to follow me on social media @beautytraducida and subscribe to my blog for access to exclusive content. 

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