I have exciting news for those of you that don’t follow me on social media yet, I launched a podcast where I post new content episodes for you every Friday. The idea came to me after seeing a lack in the representation of women of color in beauty included in platforms like Spotify and Google Podcasts. I launched the podcast under the name InYourPiel, “piel” being Spanish for skin, communicating the fact that I highlight both the personal story of the person I’m interviewing and their why as to who or what motivates them the most to continue pursuing their dreams in the beauty industry despite unavoidable challenges.

The interviews have included first-generation Latinas that launched their own nail polish lines later to be carried at major retailers like Walmart, to Peruvian immigrants that persevere with their small business amidst the challenges of a global pandemic and the advice they have for recent cosmetology and aesthetics graduates that want to open their own business under challenging circumstances. The beauty industry, specifically media promotion, has a serious diversity problem as the stories of women of color are consistently missing from the narrative at a global scale. I have previously written about women of color in the skincare industry including their social media handles, but creating a podcast that literally amplifies their voices creating an emotional connection with you, the listener helps take their brand to the next level and increases sales of the product they are selling. In the same way I created this brand to address a multilingual communication gap in the skincare information available online, I created my podcast to remedy the solution instead of adding to the group of people unwilling to make the necessary change to create new content for you. According to this Allure article, I was not alone in my goal of launching a podcast centered around beauty and skincare as  it states “In fact, Spotify’s podcasting platform, Anchor, saw more than 4,000 new shows launch in the beauty and fashion category in 2020, nearly doubling what was already available.’’ Despite this impressive statistic the amount of podcasts centered around uplifting women of color in the beauty industry is continually stagnant, although not completely nonexistent, I highly recommend Beauty Of The Nile as well as those listed here. I’m happy to see other women of color doing the promotional work to uplift others in the industry, but would love to see big brands put promoting diversity in the industry as more than just a  trending hashtag and create tangible content year-round.

You can listen to my podcast on all major streaming platforms and subscribe to it on Spotify here and Google Podcasts here. I am in the process of creating a landing page and newsletter with more consistent updates and will be the first to notify you here.  Let me know in the comments what your favorite episode so far is, and thank you for reading this post.


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