Amazon is great for a lot of beauty items that helps enhance the at home spa vibe we are all trying to create until it is safe enough to receive professional facials once more. I’ve compiled a list of products I own and love from the site that you need in your life. I hope my recommendations help you find the products you need. As always, remember to follow me on social media @beautytraducida for daily skin care tips in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Skin Scrubber

Why you need it: Helps exfoliate your skin and is a great alternative for painful extractions(used at many spas worldwide) and awful for you pore strips.

Intrinsics Petite Silken Wipes

Why you need it: Do you like throwing away money? These wipes are widely used in spas because they aren’t as absorbent as traditional cotton rounds, meaning your liquid skincare products go on your skin and not on the wipe. You can use them to remove eye makeup and apply toners and they have a very silky luxurious texture.

Cold Face Mask

Why you need it: This is great for reducing inflammation in the skin as well as puffiness. This is the ideal product for those that suffer from acne as it will help reduce redness

PCS Silicone Face Mask Brush

Why you need it: Silicone doesn’t hold onto bacteria so it’s an ideal material to use when applying masks to our beautiful faces. I love using this for my clay masks to reduce blackheads on my nose.

Facial Sponges, Compressed Facial Sponge for Facial Cleansing Facial

Why you need it: These sponges help recreate the experience you would get in a spa and are a great alternative to removing face masks on days when you don’t feel like doing laundry and washing towels.

ZENY Professional Portable Mini Desktop Facial Steamer Ozone Spa Salon Beauty Tabletop

Why you need it: Although there are hundreds of models of facial steamers on Amazon I recommend this model because it allows you to lay down and relax instead of hovering over the vapor, it’s much more comfortable to use.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger

Why you need it: If you’ve ever noticed you have breakouts on the side of your face where you hold your phone up to talk, bacteria on your phone could be a potential cause of your acne breakouts. This device is a great alternative to alcohol-based wipes that could damage your cell phone’s internal hardware if leaked inside.

Venture Pal Large 1 Gallon/128 OZ

Why you need it: Hydrated skin is happy skin and happy skin is beautiful skin. Drinking enough water throughout the day isn’t always easy but with these reminders or mini challenges, this water bottle helps you stay on track and feel good all day.

Maxdot Sunblock Fingerless Gloves Non-slip UV Protection Driving Gloves Summer Outdoor Gloves for Women and Girls

Why you need it:  UV damage is real and is totally preventable. These gloves are great for activities like driving and bike riding so that over time you don’t get tortilla-like spots on your hands from sun damage.

Dry Body Brush – 100% Natural Bristles

Why you need it: We all spend too much time sitting down in front of screens which is horrible for our circulation and overall health. Dry Brushing your entire body is helpful for increasing circulation and can help eliminate skin concerns like cellulite and dull skin appearance. I love dry brushing my skin before I sugar my legs as it helps promote exfoliation. Tip: remember to always do it in upward circular motions to improve circulation.

VNDEFUL 1 PCS Drawer Type Cosmetics Storage Box Dormitory Desktop Finishing Dresser Skin Care Mask Lipstick Plastic Shelf

Why you need it: If you have been following my page over the years, hopefully you have purchased a few of my skincare product recommendations. If you’re like me, you are running out of places to store those products so these organizers are very useful to keep everything orderly

I hope that these recommendations are helpful. Thank you for reading this far and please remember to follow me on Instagram @beautytraducida.


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