There are thousands of skincare brands on the market, and choosing the right one for you is an overwhelming decision. With professional skincare products ranging from $30-$150, there are options for all budgets. Understand the main differences between professional-grade and supermarket/drugstore skincare is price and convenience of purchase, but know that professional skincare has more research and testing and is more likely to provide results with consistent application. I listed out skincare brands I love to help you on your personal skincare journey. For more daily tips, follow me on Instagram and TikTok @beautytraducida.


About DMK

According to the official website, “Dr. Danné Montague-King is a botanical scientist and cosmetic chemist who spent over fifty years researching and developing the Danné Method of Natural Pharmacology. Dissatisfied with what he saw around him and knowing the results of conventional skincare were only temporary at best, he decided to research the phenomenon of acne, pigmentation, aging, and the understanding of how the human body really works.” The skincare brand was founded in the 1980s. 

DMK Products that work for me 

BetaGel– addresses reactive, irritated, or traumatized skin. I love using this after performing biweekly extractions as I tend to get red and this calming lightly scented gel almost instantly calms my skin

Foamy Lift Mask #1– this enzyme mask tones and tightens the skin while removing dead skin cells and debris in the pore. In addition, it’s great for increasing dermal hydration and brightening dull appearing skin. This mask is commonly photographed on social media as the temporary tightening effect on the skin can be quite shocking. 

Seba-e– Combined with Herb & Mineral Mist, Seba-e replicates the natural way our skins secretes oil while reestablishing our acid mantle, or skin outermost protection. While this can be safe for acne-prone skin, ask for a second opinion from your DMK authorized esthetician to ensure it will not aggravate your sensitive skin.  

Melanotech Drops– powered by ingredients like kojic acid and licorice root, these drops are an important part of your routine if your goal is to reduce hyperpigmentation without taking more extreme measures like using hydroquinone. 

Milky Clean and Pure Cleanser– This is a soothing cleanser that is great for everyday use, I like to pair it with the foamy lift mask to remove the tightening mask after the allotted time has passed. 

How to purchase

 Use this link to find a clinic near you that carries the line. I suggest you book a facial and purchase the products you liked the most. 


About FaceReality

Cofounded by licensed esthetician Laura Cooksey in 2005, FaceReality is an acne-focused brand that offers affordable products with exceptional ingredients. This is one of the more affordably priced brands that I frequently recommend in my consults for those suffering from breakouts. 

FaceReality Products that work for me

Sulfur Spot Treatment– this spot treatment is fantastic for red and inflamed acne lesions powered by 6% sulfur and a patented peptide ingredient called Neutrazen

8% Mandelic Serum– this powerful serum combines mandelic acid, lactic acid and niacinamide to address hyperpigmentation, congestion and large pores. 

  • Out of all the products mentioned in this post, this is my favorite serum for my skincare needs, but book a consult or visit a FaceReality clinic to understand if it’s right for YOUR needs.

Ultra Gentle Cleanser- If you have sensitive and acne-prone skin, this is a must have in your routine. IT’s a non-drying foamy cleanser that is powered by antioxidants like green tea extract and licorice root extract

How to purchase

 Use this link to find a clinic near you 


About GlymedPlus

According to the Glymed website, “Christine Heathman, a Licensed Master Esthetician, Certified Medical Esthetician, and Licensed Massage Therapist is the preeminent skin specialist and is recognized as a trailblazer in treating all ethnic skin types and conditions including aging, acne, skin of color, pigmentation, oncology.” The GlymedPlus skincare brand was founded in 1991 and is located in Provo, United States

GlymedPlus Products that work for me

Oxygen Treatment Cream– if your skin feels congested and dull, this cream might be just what your routine is missing. It stimulates and promotes healthy skin cells while  accelerating the cell’s detox process 

Gentle Facial Wash–  Has 10% Glycolic Acid to assist in the fight against improving acne, aging, brightening dark spots and illuminating the skin. I love using this cleanser when my skin looks dull and needs exfoliation, but also is in need of hydration. I recommend use 2x a week and only at night.  

How to purchase

 Use  this link to find a clinic near you 

I hope that these recommendations were helpful. Although these brands are ideal for my skin needs, an esthetician near you can confirm which products will help you reach your goals. I’d be more than happy to help any of you find an esthetician that carries brands that will help you within your budget. You can book a consult where I provide this service here and read FAQs about my consultations here. Let me know in the comments if you have used any of these brands before. 


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